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  • Top 5 Portable Vaporizers

    Vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes, but let's focus on the portable varieties; handy, often pocket-sized, and easy to pass around within around to your friends. Check out our list of favorite portable vaporizers here.
  • 7 Causes Of Stress For Cannabis Plants

    There are many different environmental factors, that can cause stress for your weed crop. Many of these will result in improper growth and therefore effect the overall yields, that your plants produce. These range from proper water and nutrient supplies to root health and tissue damage. Monitor these closely for maximum bud quality and quantity.

  • The History Of Peyote

    Peyote has been used for many purposes by Indian tribes throughout Mexico and North America. Used in religious ceremonies, the drug was also used medicinally to treat conditions from pain to an anti-bacterial.

  • How To Keep Your Kratom Good

    Kratom, like many other types of plant material, is susceptible to several environmental factors after it has been harvested, that can limit its shelf life and speed up its expiry. Oxygen, light and humidity are some of the factors, that will cause it to go bad. Find out how you can keep your Kratom the best quality possible.

  • Effects Of Mescaline

    Mescaline is a psychedelic alkaloid, that naturally occurs in many plants of the cactus family and has been used for centuries for spiritual, religious and recreational purposes. Read more about the effects caused by mescaline.

  • 8 Tips On How To Recognise Good Cannabis

    When purchasing some buds there are several things worth looking for in order to make sure the quality is up to scratch. The smell, density, colour and looks are all worth paying attention to before spending your money.

  • Is Cannabis Legal In Amsterdam?

    Amsterdam is a city of rich history. However, it is known worldwide for its coffeeshops, that sell marijuana along with espressos. The situation here is a bit more complicated than most think. It is perfectly legal for locals and tourists alike to go and indulge. However, the laws for the coffee shops themselves are rather multilayered.

  • Find Peyote Cacti In GTA 5

    GTA 5 has quite an unexpected and hilarious hidden feature to it. Players can now seek out and consume Peyote cacti containing mescaline within the game, resulting in an interest hallucinogenic experience.

  • Top 10 Sativa

    Cannabis cultivars and smokers like sativa cannabis strains for a variety of reasons. Sativas can boost your imagination and creativity and they can energize you so you can stay active during the day. Our list of the top 10 sativa cannabis strains can help to find your favourite in no time!
  • How much hours of light for autoflowering plants?

    The best autoflowering cannabis is grown under lots of light, long days are best for producing, lovely healthy plants. Indoor auto grows will benefit from at least 18 hours of light to reach their potential. Give them plenty of care and you'll be surprised how easy and fun it is to grow an auto.

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If you are looking for cannabis seeds, you have come to the right place. No matter what kind of cannabis seeds you are looking for, whether they are indoors or outdoors, sativa, indica or hybrid, regular, feminized, or autoflowering, high in CBD, or high in THC, we have the strains you are looking for. Here at Zativo we only work with the best breeders and seed banks who have proven themselves to only deliver top-notch genetics over and over again. Of course this includes world leaders like Barney's Farm, DinafemRoyal Queen Seeds and Greenhouse Seeds.


CBD Oil has become very popular the last few years. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of the many active ingredients of the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychoactive and is generally sought by users of medicinal cannabis. Take at a look at our wide selection of high-quality CBD oil and other CBD products. Order it online today and be surprised by the amazing effects of CBD oil.


For all cannabis enthusiasts we have an extensive collection of Headshop products with all kinds of smoking accessories such as smoking pipes, bongs, rolling papers and grinders. Of course we also have quite a few vaporizers in our range. Vaporizers evaporate the active ingredients instead of burning them. This makes a vaporizer a healthier option than smoking a joint or bong. But whether you're looking for some headshop products for yourself or as gifts for your friends; Zativo is the right place for you!


Nature has much more to offer than cannabis, so therefore you can also find mescaline cacti (Peyote and San Pedro), Ayahuasca, Kratom, Salvia and more (psychoactive) plants and seeds at Zativo.


In our Other category you will find a number of interesting things like, drug tests, scales, incense, etc. For us it's difficult to imagine, but if you can't find what you are looking for, you can always take a look at our good friends from Zamnesia.

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Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. Our seeds are exclusively sold as souvenirs. Germinating cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order.