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  • Will CBD Oil Give You A Positive Drug Test?

    Some people worry about not passing drug tests (at their workplace for example) because of using CBD oil. Read this article to find out if this is a realistic thing to worry about.

  • How To Get Rid Of That Pungent Smell

    Most growers and smokers are probably in love with that smell that tickles the senses when you stroll into a grow room. However, not everybody is so appreciative, and if that smell becomes too obvious, you could land yourself into some serious trouble. Here are some steps to ensure that you can tame and control that flowery smell.

  • Low Stress Training (LST)

    Low stress training is a general technique that can be harnessed in a number of ways (such as ScrOG and SoG methods of growing). Essentially, it is a method of training your cannabis for bigger yields without causing them large degrees of stress in the way pruning or topping would. Instead, you work to maximize light exposure.
  • Can You Fail A Drug Test From Second Hand Smoke?

    We all love socialising, even when our friends are full-on stoners and we could have a possible drug test coming up. However, is this reason enough to maybe spend the night at home, just in case breathing in passive smoke is enough to be detected? It turns out a team of researchers studied this, and the results are quite comforting.

  • Why A Lethal Cannabis Overdose Isn’t Possible

    Despite many studies devoted to the topic, scientists have been unable to prove that marijuana can cause fatal overdoses. The reasons? THC receptors are located in areas of the body, which do not impact respiration and the brain also appears to be able to protect itself from marijuana overdoses.

  • Smoke Weed? How To Pass A Drug Test

    Facing a drug test at work? Here are some tried and true ways to clean your system out and test negative. From urine to hair testing, there are multiple ways to beat the test and products on the market to help you do it.

  • Top 10 CBD Seeds

    CBD strains are cannabis strains that have been bred to specifically contain large amounts of cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive, and strains bred to contain large amounts of CBD often appeal to those who seek more functional highs and the medical benefits of CBD. Here are the 10 best CBD strains here at Zativo, rated by popularity with our customers.
  • How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your System?

    Cannabis stays in the body long after its effects wear off. If you are a light user this might only be for a couple of days. Heavier users will have marijuana metabolites in their systems for as much as two months.

  • How Does Cannabis Affect Your Sleep?

    Evidence is growing, that the cannabinoid THC is an excellent sleep aid for those who suffer from sleep disorders ranging from insomnia to sleep apnea.

  • Introduction: 5 New Strains By Sweet Seeds

    Brace yourselves. Sweet Seeds just released 5 new dank strains. Click here and check out the amazing new-school dank, ready for experiencing.

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